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What Do Michigan Architect Stamps Need to Include and How Can Architects Use Them?

In the state of Michigan, architect stamps are required for architects to do business and sign and seal documents. As is the case with all other states, the stamp needs to meet certain requirements, which we will discuss below. In addition, the Michigan architect stamp will allow the licensee to seal certain types of plans and documents, indicating that they are responsible for the project.


What Are the Rules for the Design of Michigan Architect Stamps?

Different states have varying rules when it comes to the look and the design of their architect stamps and seals. The Michigan architect stamps, whether they are an embossing seal or a stamp, need to be 4cm or 5cm. It is permissible to use the entire 10-digit license number, or merely the last five digits of the license number with these stamps. When the architect receives his or her license, they will need to get a seal that is authorized by the board. The Michigan architect stamps need to have the name of the licensee, as well as the term licensed architect indicated on it.

You are only allowed to use Michigan architect stamps that meet all of the preceding requirements, as well as any additional requirements that the board deems necessary at a later date, as they are subject to change. If the architect later decides that he or she needs to have an updated stamp or a replacement stamp, they will need to file an imprint of that stamp when the board requests it.

Something else to keep in mind is that the Michigan architect stamps are not transferable. In addition, the architect needs to be fully responsible for the safety and security of the stamp. In order to validate the seal, the licensee will always need to add their signature adjacent to the stamp on all of the documents they seal.

What Can the Architect Use the Michigan Architect Stamps to Seal?

The architect can use the Michigan architect stamps to seal reports, plans, and specifications that they file with the public authority. If the architect does not have a license in full effect at the time of stamping, or if they endorse a document with the Michigan architect stamps that they've not prepared or supervised, it can lead to substantial penalties. This is why it is so important for the architect to maintain control and security over their stamp so it is not misused. While this is extremely rare, it could cause problems and could even cause the architect his or her license.

To learn more about the latest requirements concerning licensing and Michigan architect stamps, you can visit the Michigan Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs.