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Understanding Nebraska Notary Supplies and How to Use Them

Having the right Nebraska notary supplies is just part of the job if you’ve been appointed as a notary in the Cornhusker State. You also need to understand what it is you’re supposed to do. Anyone could technically get their hands on Nebraska notary supplies, but if they’re not used properly, their seal won’t mean anything in court. Furthermore, you could actually find yourself in a lot of trouble. Below, we’ll discuss what Nebraska notary supplies entail and what you’re expected to do with them.


Becoming a Notary Public

Before you can begin using your Nebraska notary supplies in an official capacity, you’ll have to apply for the job. Assuming you meet all the requirements, you’ll be sworn in by the secretary of state. After that, you may serve as a notary as part of your job or simply on your own.

Either way, it’s important that you know what constitutes your Nebraska notary supplies.

Nebraska Notary Supplies

The main and most important feature of your Nebraska notary supplies will be the actual seal you use. This is how you validate that the signature on a document actually belongs to the person it claims it’s from.

Your seal must come from an ink stamp. Obviously, then, this means that one of your Nebraska notary supplies has to be the inkpad. However, unlike in some other states, there is no requirement about the type or color of ink you use. While blue or black makes the most sense, the important thing is that your seal is clear and not at risk of being too light on the paper.

Another way to think about this is that the impression you leave has to be photographically reproducible. That doesn’t mean that one of your Nebraska notary supplies has to be a camera though. It should be fairly obvious whether or not your stamp will hold up when photographed.

Your seal, the most important of your Nebraska notary supplies, must involve some basic information. This includes, “State of Nebraska” at the very top of the seal. Then, just below that, it should say, “General Notary.” Under that line is where your name should appear. Your name must appear on your stamp just as it did on the application. Someday, you may be called upon to prove the stamp is yours, so it must match your application/ID.

Finally, after your name, you should have your commission number. It will say, “Commission No.” then your number. That isn’t mandatory though. What is mandatory, however, is where it says, “My Commission Expires” and then the date when your stamp must be replaced.

Note that your Nebraska notary supplies—or at least your seal—will have to be replaced every year when it expires. There is no way to adjust or modify it, so just be sure you always schedule time to do this because it’s illegal for you to serve as a notary until this is taken care of.

To the far left of the stamp, there will be a picture of a building.


Alternative Nebraska Notary Supplies

Nebraska is unique in that it actually has a couple of alternative stamps you can elect to use. The first is very similar to the others. Its major difference is that the font is a bit fancier and your name will be a little bigger.

However, the second version is very different and extremely popular with notaries in Nebraska. That’s because the stamp itself is actually in the shape of the state. On top of that, your name is extremely large and placed in the upper left of the stamp. “General Notarial Seal” is also quite large, followed by the words, “State of Nebraska.”

Using Your Stamp

You can be called upon to exercise your powers as a notary any time there is need to verify whom the signature of a document belongs to. Just know that you never have to notarize a document. It’s up to you to ensure that the signature is voluntary and from someone who is competent and who they claim to be.

As you can see, the Nebraska notary supplies you need for the job are actually pretty simple. Still, the job you’re performing is incredibly important to the state and its people.