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Classic Wood Stamper

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

We always look out for a stamper, when it comes to personalize invitations, letters or correspondence. But, finding a great stamper who can meet all your requirements is not an easy task.

Many people have a special interest in classic items and stationary. If you are one of them, a classic wood stamper is meant for you. So, what is it that makes these stampers different from the regular stampers? The answer is they are extra durable and offer fine quality impressions that are simply attractive. (more…)

Classic Wood Stamper Collection

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Available in variety of styles and sizes, the classic wood stamper collection can also be personalized to meet your specific needs. Budding artists can make countless colorful creations with this simple stamp collection. Just mix and match the wooden stamps and see hundreds of beautiful patterns being made.

The classic wood stamps are perfect for school projects, scrapbooks, invitation making and other purposes. It comes stored neatly in a sturdy wooden box that has a see-through lid, so that you can keep it organized after use. (more…)