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Your Business Needs Stock Stamps

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Every office and business corporation require to deal with loads of correspondence everyday. And for this job, a business needs stock stamps that make it easier to stamp various correspondence and commodities with the appropriate kind of label. Stock stamps will help you do this job in a more organized manner. Thus, stock stamps are one of the most convenient ways to stamp your correspondence and stock.

Stock stamps are used in all businesses and corporations all over the world, since it is considered as the most efficient way to follow up with an organized record of commodities or correspondence they sent out or receive. These stamps are basically used to imprint labels like paid, completed, entered, draft, faxed, copy, file copy, rush, urgent, original, void, received, posted, personal, approved, confidential, past due, priority, and C.O.D. Besides, you can also customize your stock stamps with other wording or phrases according to your requirements. (more…)

Know How To Make Stock Certificates

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

Stock certificates refer to the legal documents that designate ownership of specific shares of stock. In other words, these certificates are issued by an organization or a company to state the rights of the company to its shareholders or stockholders. As a shareholder of the company, a person can have the right to participate in the annual general meetings of the company or cast votes at the company’s shareholder meeting. But today, stock certificates are becoming less popular, because of their cost. They are being replaced by electronic records. But, the fact remains true that stock certificates have their own charm and value. Want to create stock certificates for your business?

In order to create a stock certificate, first you need to find a stock certificate template. No worries! These templates can be found on the Internet and downloaded and printed from various online sources.
Then, you will be required to customize the template, which would involve inclusion of the name of the corporation and the state under which it is organized. Now, fill the name of the person to whom the stock is issued, along with the number and class of the shares being issued, all in the appropriate space. A stock certificate is basically signed by the president and the secretary of the corporation. In certain cases, any authorized officer may sign the stock certificate however! (more…)

Slim Stock Monogram Stamps

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Acorn Sales offers some very smart and innovative Slim Stock Monogram Stamps to help you deal with your daily correspondence. Stamping papers with your initials make good sense, when it comes to customize your personal correspondence. They make a great tool for offices as well.

A slim stock stamp with your initials is the best way to personalize your personal belongings. With our stamps, you can stamp many things from paperwork to various other artwork. (more…)

Self Inking Stock Monogram Stamps

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

We, at Acorn Sales offer Self Inking Stock Monogram Stamps that are ideal for incorporating your stamp of approval on your daily correspondence. These stamps are ergonomically designed and they fit comfortably in your hand. They work excellent as they look. They are stylish and offer you effortless stamping!

Get our Self Inking Stock Monogram Stamps engraved with your initials and customize your artwork and gift items. Our stamps produce clear and beautiful impressions. (more…)