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What Is a Numbering Machine?

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

The concept of a numbering machine is quite simple. It consists of various wheels inside and all wheels are stamped with numbers. But, what could be done with this? Well, the wheels of a numbering machine can be set and arranged to form a date or various other numbers. Basically numbers machines are used to imprint items with sequential numbers. Over the time, people have been using this type of machine to stamp many different kinds of paperwork. By adjusting the numbers stamped on wheels, you can keep an organized record of your date paperwork and label contracts.

Numbering machines are considered as an inevitable stationery in offices or corporations, especially small businesses. They are used for any paperwork that requires to be printed with unique and trackable numbers. It is a way to keep an organized record of whatever you do. There are many applications in an office set up that require sequential numbering, such as purchase orders, invoices, production orders, inventory paperwork, insurance claims, property documents, serial number tags and much more. (more…)

Custom Embossers

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

Custom embossers are great tools to personalize your stationery. A touch of your custom embosser on your stationery can take them to an another level of appreciation and quality. Custom embossers are all about sophistication. Embossers can be customized in a number of ways.

Craft or art shops boasts a wide range of embossers and they also provide you with the opportunity to customize according to your liking. There are many designs from which you can choose one for your custom embosser. (more…)