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Latest Technology in Notary Stamps

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

Earlier, the only authorized notary stamps available in market looked like staplers. When the stamp was pressed hard, its two parts left an impression on the paper document. The main motive behind this technique was to prevent the 3D seal to be illegally copied with a photocopy machine.

With the advent of newer technology, many substitutes have overshadowed the notary public stamp market but the older version is still authorized. Here are some of the alternatives: (more…)

Custom Rubber Stamp

Thursday, June 25th, 2009

A custom rubber stamp is a great tool for office set up as well as home. Office administrators can potentially use a variety of custom rubber stamps throughout their day. Most companies have at least one custom rubber stamp, which will basically have their contact information on it.

A custom rubber stamp is a traditional workplace tool. A rubber stamp is known to make many official tasks a lot easier. Companies usually order a custom rubber stamp when they have a repetitive task that uses the same set of words over and over again such as a Received stamp. (more…)