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Self- Inking Rubber Stamps

Tuesday, August 4th, 2009

Rubber stamping or art stamping is such a craft that interests everyone and the ability to express one’s creativity with rubber stamps even makes it one of the all time favorite hobbies for many people. If you have just started with rubber stamping or if you are an occasional stamper, you must be aware that how alluring and interesting it could be! And when it comes to stamping, one can not afford to ignore the benefits of having a good and efficient rubber stamp for making lasting impressions.

In order to please people with a multitude of stamping needs and requirements, craft shops boast a wide variety of rubber stamps. However, there are only three basic types of rubber stamps- standard or traditional rubber stamps, self-inking stamps and pre-inked stamps. All these stamps come in a variety of styles and you can choose any one from the wide range. However, choosing one rubber stamp largely depends on the use of the stamp or kind of work you are going to do with it. You can always opt for standard rubber stamps for ordinary use. They consist of wooden bases and handles and rubber heads and available with dies made out of traditional rubber or photo polymer. A standard rubber stamp needs an ink pad for the making impressions. Ink pads are available with many colors of ink. Standard stamps offer a good value for money. (more…)

Want A Corporate Seal For Your Business?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

You might have noticed corporate seals on business envelopes or various official documents. But, have you ever tried to find out what is a corporate seal or what’s its purpose? Well, if not then let us know a few things about corporate seals. Corporate seals come across as one of the most common forms of notification for companies and business organizations worldwide. Initially, these seals served as an important form of legal documentation or they were used to legitimize the execution of documents. In other words, corporate seals were the tools used to emboss or imprint the information about the organization or corporation onto official documents.

Corporate seals contained information including the legal name, the year and the state in which a corporation or company was formed, which further comes instrumental in identifying the legitimate aims of the corporate entity. Corporate seals now are more of vanity imprints and they serve very little legal purpose. However, its legal purpose has not vanished yet. They are still used in the corporate world as means for corporate branding or identification. (more…)

Slim Address Stampers

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

Acorn Sales boasts a wide collection of innovative rubber address Stampers to help you through the whole process of stamping. If you are required to deal with piles of correspondence everyday, you probably know how tiresome is the task of writing your return address on each of them. Our Slim Address Stampers are the right choice to bring a change to that tiresome task.

The Stampers are great to add your stamp of approval or return address on your personal correspondence. With our functional Stampers, you can make impression after impression on a number of stationery, apart from your daily correspondence. (more…)