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Keep Your Data Safe in Notary Record Book

Tuesday, November 3rd, 2009

A notary public has to perform lot of tasks everyday. So many people approach a notary for help and when the notary verifies the person’s genuineness, he authorizes the documents. Notary can not keep a mental record of all the hundreds of people whom he meet in a week or month and this is where the notary record book comes into picture. The record books helps him in remembering the number of people he meets in a day or the number of documents that he signs every day.

The notary record book is designed to take note of approximately 250 entries. These transaction details help the notary in many ways. Like in case if a fraud happens, the notary public can cross-check it with his record book. This also helps him in establishing new clients through referrals,etc. The book is always handy for the notary public officer’s help and also helps him in avoiding frauds and any misuse of any kind. (more…)