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Professional Seals for Multiple Purposes

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

In almost each and every profession, seals are required to represent the signing authority’s approval on various documents and certificates. These seals come in a huge variety and are individually designed as per the individual profession. The seal of an architect may vary from an investor’s seal and that of a geologist may vary from a forester’s seal. They actually represent the fact that the person applying the seal has thoroughly checked the documents and has approved them after checking.

These professional seals are supposed to be carried and used only by the professional who holds the license and authority to use them. These seals can be used only by those people who get the approval from the government first. They are designed with specific customizations as per the requirement of the state and individual. Any estate agent, government employee or businessman can possess these seals but only with the authorization by the state. (more…)