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Importance of Notary Seal Embosser

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

All kinds of legal documents need to be acknowledged and certified by the law. Notary seal embossers are designed to perform these tasks only. These embossers are used in various private as well as public offices to certify documents which need authentication by the law. Notarizing is very important in order to avoid any malpractices and frauds. It secures them and assures the holder that his documents can not be challenged in future for any reason. Documents which are to be sent to other countries also require notarization. Every document marked with the embosser gives a guarantee to the receiver that they are completely legal.

A notary seal embosser contains the full details of the notary public. The name of the issuing State is also engraved on the embosser. This engraving is basically done by the computer. The seal embosser is to be carried by the notary public only. Likewise, only the manufacturer who is authorized by the State should be the one to manufacture these seals. Any other person carrying it would face charges for the same. (more…)

Importance of Seals for Security Reasons

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

People have changed their lifestyle with the changing time and technology. There are certain things which are still the same and perform the same job as they used to perform earlier. The reason is that because of their importance they couldn’t be replaced with new technology. They are none other than the wax seals. In older days, they were used to seal letters and envelopes but now they are used to secure important documents.

They are also used in securing the important notarized documents which hold a lot of importance in front of the court. The documents are secured by putting a wax seal which helps in securing them from fraudulent cases. The preference of using wax seals on the documents is that they are such a substance which takes very less time to thicken over the paper, ribbons or on any other material. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to separate from them the material and they act as a seal of security for the documents. (more…)

Why Notarizing Documents is Necessary

Monday, October 26th, 2009

To secure your important documents from being used for unfair means and frauds, notarizing them is very important. Notarizing documents witnesses the genuineness and legality of both the documents and the person involved. It represents the fact that the documents are legal and valid and should not call for any conflict in future. A notary public officer first ensures that the person is actually what he is representing himself as and only then signs the documents along with assigning the notary signs and seals. Other than documents, certain affidavits, oaths and agreements require authentication as well.

Notary seals are available in different packages like Basic Notary Seal Packages, Gold Gift Executive Packages, Black Basic Packages, Chrome Basic Packages and many more packages. They come with a lifetime warranty and are available at easily affordable prices. Notary seals come equipped with a gliding lock mechanism that safeguards them. These packages generally include the Custom Engraved Notary Public Seal Embosser and Commission Expiration Stamp. The Embosser and Expiration Stamp verify that the documents have been cross-checked by the notary public. (more…)

Essential Tips for Notary Public

Friday, October 9th, 2009

There are many notary public officers who are available at your door step with just one call. In such a competitive stage, notary public must ensure that he develop a good image in the industry so as to get notary cases. This is a well known fact that notary public holds a crucial position and one mistake can ruin your whole career. Therefore, they are required to certify only after witnessing the documents properly.

If you are starting up your career as a notary public, the best way will be to submit your name in the web directories. This will help you have more clients and thereby more revenue in the month. The second best way can be to contact the tile companies directly. This is necessary to have a good name in the market which will help you build reputation among the clients. (more…)

Establish Proof of Identity by Notary Seals

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

There is a need to establish the proof of identity of official documents such as affidavits, acknowledgments, mortgage papers, etc. The application of notary seals on such documents are a must to prove their genuineness. Notary seals are usually applied on identification cards or birth certificates to make the documents authentic and genuine.

The notary seals are unique and exclusive as it is customized as per the need of the notary. The seals are capable of verification and only the person whose name is engraved can use it alongwith his signatures to legalize the documents. The notary public officer has a responsibility to properly check the authenticity of the papers and then notarize them by signing it alongwith the embossed seal. (more…)

Notary Public Seals And Stamps

Wednesday, October 7th, 2009

Seals and stamps are required both for professional and  personal use. They are widely used by  to sign or stamp engineering documents, cards, greetings and other piece of paper. The market of notary seals is very vast and thus it offers a wide  range of notary public seals to satisfy various printing needs in offices and homes.

These days, people can avail several popular notary packages in the market such as  notary public basic packages, notary public supreme packages and many others. These packages comprise of  a combination of so many notary seals in varied sizes and shapes for the users. The seals in these packages come in multiple attractive colors such as black, gold and silver. Most of the sealing devices now come with easy sliding lock mechanism for their convenient handling and storage. (more…)