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Various Notary Seal Packages for Your Safety

Tuesday, October 27th, 2009

Notary Seals are meant to certify and validate various legal documents, certificates and affidavits. These seals give a guarantee that both the deed and the citizen involved in the deed are true and genuine. They confirm and establish a proof of identity of the same. Notary seals carry the notary public’s name, name of the State to which he belongs, his commission number, expiration date of the commission and its manufacturer’s identification number. These seals are the complete legal property of the notary public.

Due to their multiple requirements, these notary seals are now available in different notary public packages like basic, deluxe and supreme packages. These embossers come with a gliding lock mechanism and offer storage convenience. The basic packages are most economical in nature. The deluxe packages are a versatile unit and deliver excellent performance and the supreme package comes with more additional features like Deluxe Notary Leatherette Pouch, Self Inking Embossed Hereon Stamp and a Pack of Gold Foil Seals. (more…)

Procedure for Making Notary Seal Embosser

Friday, October 16th, 2009

The embossing seal serves many purposes which may be required by law. It is difficult to guarantee that the documents may be tampered with or used for fraudulent purposes. It is difficult to counterfeit the embossed image and therefore it cannot be copied and used for unfair practices. Notarizing is also necessary for documents which are destined to be sent overseas. In such cases, the embosser is used in conjunction with a notary seal to make it authentic and genuine.

To make a notary seal embosser, the seal has to be bought from a manufacturer who produces seals. It usually includes a handle, metal seal die, insert and double stick tape wafer. The next step is to enter the important and necessary information for engraving. It is normally a computer-based engraving system where the information is gathered for making the seal. (more…)

Using the Notary Seal in the Right Way

Thursday, October 8th, 2009

A notary seal is meant only for legal papers and financial records. Although, the use of notary seals differ from state to state but their main purpose is always the same. A notary seals protects against fraud, therefore it is important that the stamp should be used correctly. Here are the things you must know about notary stamps:

  • A notary public stamp must be placed properly. Some states are very particular about the embossed stamps and other notary stamps. Therefore, the notary should be aware of the requirements of the particular state.
  • A commissioned notary public is the only person with the authority of using notary seal. He is trained according to his jurisdiction. Therefore, you should go to a notary from your local area to legalize the document. (more…)
  • Variety of Notary Public Basic Seals

    Tuesday, October 6th, 2009

    One of the most economical packages for notary public seals is the notary public basic package that consists of valuable seals such as basic notary pocket seal, basic desk seal, chrome basic notary seal and more. The sealing devices in this surprising package are highly advanced and stylish. They can great gift items for the individuals.

    Notary public basic package offers sealing devices that ensure fine impressions on paper as they are equipped with heavy duty frame and precision parts.  The seals in this package come with easy sliding lock mechanism and thus it is quite easy to handle and store them. The seals in this package ensure no slipping during the use. Thus, this is an amazing package. (more…)

    Basic Notary Seal Package For Perfect Impressions

    Thursday, September 17th, 2009

    If your are looking for portable seals, then basic notary pocket seal package would be the right choice for you as the notary pocket seals can be easily kept and carried in your pocket. Due to their small size and unique design, these devices are very popular in the current market.

    Basic notary seal packages come with a heavy-duty frame and strong parts and thus they ensure you the finest impressions on paper. In addition, they have an easy lock mechanism that makes their handling and storage convenient for individuals. (more…)