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Facts about Monograms

Wednesday, November 25th, 2009

Monograms are an effective way to reflect your identity. They are used to design and decorate several items. History reflects that monograms were used by the Greeks and Romans to identify rulers on their coins. They were also used by artists for identifying their work. High society citizens were also not to be left behind and used them to flaunt their place in society during the Victorian age. Monograms have been used as a form of identity since ancient times and the tradition still continues in a modernized form.

A typical monogram consists of three letters including the initials of the first, last and middle name. The pattern it follows goes with the first name initial, last name initial and the initial of the middle name. The trend still continues with its expansion to personal items like stationary, bags, handkerchiefs, etc. The optimum use of monograms is also seen on special occasions like weddings and receptions. The monogram format for the married couple starts with the initial of the Bride’s first name; the couple’s married last name and the husband’s first name. (more…)