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Variety of Electric Embossers

Tuesday, November 10th, 2009

Electric embossers serve a valuable purpose in both offices as well as for household use. Earlier, traditional hand-held embossers were used for embossing purposes, but now they have been replaced by the electronic embossers. The advancement of technology has made things easier now. These electronic embossers can be best used for frequently delivering the best impressions. It saves more time and energy of the user and is quick to use. They fulfill both personal and professional purposes.

Electronic embossers come in two different categories, i.e., motorized embossers and heavy-duty embossers. They are generally used on legal documents, diplomas and transcripts. These embossers offer 20,000 to 200,000 clear impressions on the paper. They are the best quality impressions and offer convenience to the user. These embossers contain two kinds of dyes- shallow and deeper die. They are designed in a way to imprint the seal perfectly on both the thin and thick kinds of paper. (more…)