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Notary Hand Stamps for Multiple Purposes

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

Notary hand stamps are those stamps that need to be pressed hard against the paper to deliver a clear and smooth impression. They are a very essential item for carrying out official tasks and duties. Notary hand stamps are available in 2 categories namely, regular hand stamps and slim pre-inked stamps. These stamps are used for notarizing various documents and affidavits which require legal sanction by the law. They make the documents as official papers.

The hand notary regular stamps are the most commonly used stamps by the notary. They are designed in such a way that they remain intact and ready-to-use for the whole lifetime. They give an error-free experience every time you use it. The impression offered by these regular stamps lets you register the full detail properly and completely. These stamps can be engraved with various engravings of the notary State seal, notary acknowledgment, notary scales of justice and so on. (more…)

Variety in Notary Hand Stamps

Tuesday, October 13th, 2009

Hand stamps are basically the stamp,s which require pressure to mark its print on the paper. These are available in different types and is a useful tool in official work. The types of hand stamps include self inked hand stamps and pre inked hand stamps. These are traditional form of stamps but are still used in various official documents. Even such kinds of stamps are used in notarizing the documents.

The hand notary stamps are used for the same purpose as other notary supplies are used for legalizing the papers. Generally, hand stamp requires ink pad for marking the print on documents. It has an easy way in which the stamp is first pressed on the ink pad and then on the paper where the impression is required. It has to be re-inked again for imprinting on other sheet. (more…)