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Benefits of Electric Date and Time Machine

Thursday, November 26th, 2009

The technological advancements have enabled the manufacturers to bombard the market with a variety of Electric stamps. The availability of these stamps depends on the needs of the users at the other end. These can be categorized into electric time stamp and date stamps, electric numbering machines, multi-function printers, vertical printing devices, jet stamps, etc.

Those days are gone when one had to keep waiting till the printing process was completed. The Electric Time and Date Machine has made the tedious job of printing the date and time, a very easy one for the companies. These machines help the organizations and companies in keeping a track of basic details including the date and time for the documents processed. The machines save time by printing automatically when a paper is inserted into them. One of the greatest benefits of the Electric Date and Time Machine is that it prints multiple copies simultaneously. (more…)

Electric Stamps

Thursday, September 3rd, 2009

There are different types of the electric date  and time stamps in the current market as per the need of the users. Some of the common categories that are being offered by modern craft stores can be mentioned as electric time stamps, jet stamps, date stamps, electric numbering machines, multi-function printers, vertical printing devices, validating machines to name a few.

Date and time machines are used for a variety of time, date and message combinations. They print automatically when a paper is inserted into them. Most of the time and date devices come with adjustable stamping force  to let you enjoy  multi-copy forms. With solid brass type wheels, the latest electric stamps provide superior imprint and durability. Most of these stamps are equipped with sturdy locks to prevent tampering. (more…)

Considering An Electric Embosser?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

With the invention of rubber stamps and embossers, the repetitive task of authenticating documents have become easier. But, this could not be the limit of human innovativeness. Thus, they came up with electric stamps and embossers to ensure a more precise and efficient stamping and embossing. Let us talk about embossers today. Embossing is the kind of craft that involves creating raised impressions on paper or various other metals and non-metals. There are basically two types of embossers- hand-held and electric. Going by the basic idea, you might have perceived that electric embossers are the better, faster and more economical as compared to hand-held ones. (more…)