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Eco-Friendly Ink Jet Cartridges

Thursday, November 12th, 2009

These days, many people are using various kinds of printer cartridges for various purposes. These cartridges are often used in offices to perform functions like printing the necessary papers and documents. This has all happened due to the progress in the field of science that such technology is now-a-days available to be used by us. These printers come in different varieties like ink jet cartridges, laser toner cartridges and fax cartridges.

Ink Jet Cartridges are generally used in the inkjet printers. They are the most eco-friendly cartridges that offer a completely pure impression of the text on the paper. They are long lasting and offer 0% risk to the buyer. Their ink spreads on the piece of paper while the printing is under process. They deliver brilliant impression of the text. There are 3 varieties of inkjet cartridges available in the market, namely, Original equipment manufacturer or OEM cartridges, Compatible Ink Cartridges and Remanufactured ink Cartridges. (more…)