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Enhance your Company’s Image by Corporate Supplies

Wednesday, September 30th, 2009

Corporate supplies add value to the image of the company. These supplies are used to communicate internally and externally which are related to the company in any manner. Therefore, it becomes a necessity to give full attention to personalizing the supplies in accordance to the company. The corporate stationery includes the company logo and seal which makes it an important document for the company affairs. Some of the common corporate supplies are stamps, seals, cartridges, embossers etc.

The stamps are extensively used in the daily procedures and is the most common corporate supplies of the company. Therefore, a variety of stamps are available and used in the daily routine. There are address stamps, date stamps and even rubber stamps. All stamps are personalized as per the requirement of the company and are kept securely in the premises. The next in line are seals. The seals are also available in different sizes and shapes. The variety includes  wax seals, letter seals and envelope seals. There are also customized as different organizations use different designs to have a unique look on their documents. (more…)

Corporate Seals

Friday, September 4th, 2009

Today, there is a huge demand for corporate seals and stamps. They play a vital role in giving a especial effect to text and graphics. It is an interesting fact that these days, several craft stores offer you personalized corporate seals that suit your personality and style. These seals are available in varied shapes and sizes along with attractive offers and deals in the market.

The current market of corporate seals can boast of a wide range of such products which are easily available from various leading online stores in the world. You can get customized stamps for your self. You can even get monogram stampers with one or two letters along with decorative borders. The latest corporate seals are the epitome of high performance and durability as they are made using sophisticated technology. (more…)

Looking For Corporate Seals?

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

If you are planning to start your business, be ready to get a corporate seal! You might not be able to realize the importance of a corporate seal now, but once you get to make an itemized list of what you will need to successfully run your business you may get the advice from someone to include a company seal on the list. Then you may ask the importance of such a seal.

Corporate seals have come a long way and are still used by organizations all over the world. Well, a corporate seal is a stamp that can be used basically on documents to create the company’s mark. To be very precise, organizations have been using this tool to signify important agreements between two parties. Under ancient common law, a corporate seal was commonly used to bind the corporation to contracts. History says, official corporate seals were introduced in the 17th century and initially they were used by royal families or people who held vast political power and the world’s first banks. During that time, anyone who would receive a document or envelope with a company seal would know that it’s  very important. (more…)

Want A Corporate Seal For Your Business?

Thursday, July 23rd, 2009

You might have noticed corporate seals on business envelopes or various official documents. But, have you ever tried to find out what is a corporate seal or what’s its purpose? Well, if not then let us know a few things about corporate seals. Corporate seals come across as one of the most common forms of notification for companies and business organizations worldwide. Initially, these seals served as an important form of legal documentation or they were used to legitimize the execution of documents. In other words, corporate seals were the tools used to emboss or imprint the information about the organization or corporation onto official documents.

Corporate seals contained information including the legal name, the year and the state in which a corporation or company was formed, which further comes instrumental in identifying the legitimate aims of the corporate entity. Corporate seals now are more of vanity imprints and they serve very little legal purpose. However, its legal purpose has not vanished yet. They are still used in the corporate world as means for corporate branding or identification. (more…)