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Basic Corporate Kit for Company Personnel’s

Tuesday, November 17th, 2009

Most of the corporate entities require corporate supplies to certify and authorize the important papers and documents of the company. These supplies contain different kinds of seal embossers, stock certificates, corporate kits and additional corporate supplies. They add value to those documents and represent the company’s image. They also prove that the company is registered under the law of the state as a competent and separate entity.

The basic corporate kits comprise of a customized corporate seal, set of 10 unprinted stock certificates with stock transfer sheets, 3 ring corporate minute book with tab indexes, a ledger to write down stock and transfer and 50 sheets of blank paper in a minute book. They also come with 12 different kinds of seals. On a general note, these seals contain the name of the company and name of the state to which the company belongs. Some seals allow the inclusion of the type of corporate, to say whether it is a non-profit organization or a limited liability corporation and so on. (more…)