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Submittal Review Stamps Make Sure Your Construction Job Goes as Planned

Planning construction jobs is not as easy as some may think. That’s something you already know as a professional in the field. We at Acorn Sales offer submittal review stamps, which are an integral part of the process. You can get the supplies you need right here. And, we offer a selection of choices including standard rubber stamps, self-inking choices, and slim, mobile stamps too. You will find that we provide:

  • Shop Drawing Stamps
  • Contractor’s Review Stamps
  • General Review Stamps
  • Customized Review Stamps
  • Submittal Review Stamps
  • Rejected Stamps
  • Customized Rejected Stamps
  • Not for Construction Stamps
  • Preliminary Stamps
  • Progress Stamps
  • Issued for Construction Stamps
  • Superseded Stamps
  • Drawing Complete Date Stamps
  • Approved and OK to Build Stamps

Essentially, what you need for your construction plans, you will have available here.

Why Are Plan Stamps So Important?

Since you are in the field, you probably already know this, but if you aren’t sure, here’s why we use submittal review stamps.

Back in 1979, plans for a new atrium were in progress for the Kansas City Hyatt. A new change was requested to save money on the original plans, and the sketches were used before any calculations were done. They were preliminary sketches only, though. The engineers assumed they were the final shop drawings but they were not.

Two years later, in 1981, the atrium skywalk collapsed. 114 people died and 200 others were injured. It was concluded that the engineer had not properly reviewed all of the shop drawings and there had been a failure of communication with the structural engineer and the steel fabricator.

After that time, a specific process has been put in place in order to ensure a check and balance system. This way, errors like what happened in 1979 shouldn’t happen again.

The Process

Thanks to new rules and regulations set forth in AIA Document A201 General Conditions of the Contract of Construction, there is a submittal review process required.

  • The general contractors will secure contracts with subcontractors and vendors who will be working on the project.
  • The people will work together with shop drawings and sample submissions.
  • All submittals must comply with the construction schedule for the project.
  • A submittal schedule must be approved by the contractor.
  • The general contractor must review and approve all submittals using submittal review stamps to mark either approved, denied, or needs changes.
  • If the architect receives submittals with no review stamps, then the project must be halted.

All submittal review information must include proper terminology and language. This includes shop drawings, plans, or anything else. If there is not any submittal review stamps on a document, then this indicates it must go back to the general contractor. Nothing should be continued without review stamps.

This is the process used to avoid any breakdowns of communication as we discussed happened at the Hyatt hotel. And, as you can see, submittal review stamps and plan stamps are absolutely required, not just for professionalism, but also by law.

Who Needs These Stamps?

If it is your job to review plans, shop documents, or any contractors’ documents, then you will need the stamps. And, they must be worded properly so that there is no confusion.

For example, a rejected stamp should include whether or not the plans should be revised and resubmitted, notes, a date and a place for initials. A contractor’s review stamp should list who is authorized to make changes and who authorizes them. A general review stamp should include options like accepted, accepted as noted, returned for correction, amendments needed, and rejected.

Again, all of these stamps should have a place for a signature or initials with the date. That way, the order of work can easily be followed and everyone involved will know exactly what is going on. If the stamps are not clear and self-explanatory, then there could be a breakdown in communication.

Which Type of Stamp Do You Need?

As mentioned previously, you can choose traditional plan stamps, self-inking submittal review stamps, and portable review stamps. Which would be right for you? That’s actually just a matter of preference.

With traditional stamps, you will need to use an ink pad, giving you the control over the color of ink you are using. With self-inking stamps, you can save time and stamp documents right away without having to get out the ink pad. If you tend to look at documents on the go, then slim stamps may be your preferred option. They are small enough to fit right in your pocket so that you always have them available. It is truly up to you which of the review stamps will work for you. And, no matter the choice you make, you can get the right option from Acorn Sales.

Here at Acorn Sales, we are a family operated business and we prefer to ensure every stamp or seal we send out is made with quality and professionalism. We value customer service, and we will ensure you get the exact submittal review stamps that you need for your business. Additionally, we have a turnaround time of 24-48 hours. That means you can get the submittal review stamps as soon as possible without having to worry too much about putting off any plans you have waiting for approval or revision.

Acorn Sales also specializes in providing a wide variety of products you may find useful. You could choose letterhead stamps, embossers, ink pads, and a variety of other products. That way, no matter what you need for your business, you will have it available.

Construction work is not as simple as some people may think, and there is a checks and balances system in place for a reason. Whether you need plan stamps, submittal review stamps, or stamps to use for rejections or approvals, we can help you make your purchases. That way, you can make sure your construction project is following the laws and everything is done properly. Find out more by visiting www.AcornSales.com where you will find all of our products available.