Uses of Stock Certificates

November 10th, 2009 | Rss Feed

Almost every organization issues certificates that represent the company’s ownership and shows the number of stock shares. These certificates are issued to the stockholders of the company. The shareholder is entitled with the right to attend the meetings hosted by the company and it also entitles him to vote while the company is thinking of implementing certain changes in the policies, procedures or anything of similar sorts. Though they are a bit expensive, still companies prefer these stock certificates as they can be customized as per the needs of the company.

The stock certificates come with unique designs and are easy to customize. These certificates usually come imprinted with the name of the company, the belonging state of the organization, the number of authorized units of the company and a signature line. The corporation can customize the stock certificates as per its necessity. In some certificates, there comes a border lining of different colors like orange, blue, green and brown that makes it unique and attractive.

These certificates can be issued by only those companies that are registered in the government to issue them. The sizes and shapes of these certificates differ. Both standard and customized certificates can be obtained from various online stores any time you wish to purchase them. These stores offer them at quite reasonable prices especially for your convenience and save your time of searching them around.

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