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Stock Certificates – Choosing the Best One

Choosing the best stock certificate for your needs can be a challenge but at Acorn Sales we offer lots of choices and solutions. The first question is what type of organization are you ordering for? Do you need membership certificates, LLC certificates or stock certificates for a corporation? Do you need them as long form or short form stock certificates? Would you like us to print them or are you planning on printing them on your own? Finally, if we are printing them are you choosing to leave them as loose certificates or would you like us to bind them for you? Please read below to learn the basics and make ordering much easier.

Short form stock certificates typically measure 8 1/2" x 11" and are 3-hole punched to fit in a standard corporate minute book. These Short Form Certificates are best geared for a typical "C" and "S" type corporations. Short Form Stock Certificates are available customized and printed. Our printed Stock Certificates have a minimum quantity of 15 are sequentially numbered and can be permanently bound in a loose-leaf binder. They may be requested loose (optional).  If you need a corporate kit, we offer several different choices for these short form stock certificates. 

We offer a variety of pre-printed short form stock certificates that you can choose to print on your own.  If you need a stock certificate that is completely blank, we offer those as well. The blank stock certificates allow you to print them with whatever you want. These high quality Blank Corporate Certificates can be used for corporate supplies, stock certificates, awards, recognition certificates, coupons and much more. Once again, you can choose to print these blank stock certificates on your own or we can give you an estimate on how much the set up and printing will be.  

With nearly 70 different Long Form Stock Certificates to choose from, there is going to be one that best fits your organization's needs. The Long Form Stock Certificates typically measures 8 1/2" x 15". They are available both loose or  bound and printed or unprinted. There is a minimum order of 25 for printed certificates. We are able to print these in-house for you so we can offer you a quick turnaround time.

Some of the certificates have state specific or industry specific information so you will want to pay close attention to the type of long form certificate that you would like to order. It is always a good idea if you are ordering custom printed stock certificates to also order a proof of image so you can verify the certificate and make any changes before they are printed. Just like the short form stock certificates, we offer several completely blank certificates in a variety of colors that you can completely customize.

If you are still unsure which certificate will be the best fit, please give us a call or send us an email, we are happy to help you select the best stock certificate.