Xstampers for saving time

November 25th, 2009 | Rss Feed

Xstampers are pre-inked stamps that can be customized to accommodate your personal needs. Whether you want your company logo, business logo, family’s name, artwork, etc, they can be easily featured on it. They are really convenient to use as they eliminate the use of a stamp pad thus ensuring quicker service. The ink needs to be refilled after marking approximately 50,000 impressions and it uses a maximum six drops of ink for this time period.

The Xstampers that are available () include custom xstampers, custom xstamper date stamps, one color stock stamps to name a few but not the entire list. The wonderful features about these stamps are that they can be used on stationary, wedding cards, letterheads, etc. Many companies offer lifetime guarantees on the product and your custom message will be proofread several times as well as shown to you before its creation so that there is no possibility of a customer being dissatisfied. You can choose your preferred color whether it’s blue, red, green, pink, yellow, etc.

These stamps are available within a period of twenty four hours after ordering them, from a number of manufacturers. When sending bulk mail, Xstamps are the handiest gadget as you don’t have to keep dipping into your stamp pad to extract ink and this saves a lot of time. Many stores in the market as well as craft stores are willing to deliver these to your doorstep within twenty four to forty eight hours, so make the best use of this wonderful time-saving facility. Purchase your xstamper now!

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