Want A Corporate Seal For Your Business?

July 23rd, 2009 | Rss Feed

You might have noticed corporate seals on business envelopes or various official documents. But, have you ever tried to find out what is a corporate seal or what’s its purpose? Well, if not then let us know a few things about corporate seals. Corporate seals come across as one of the most common forms of notification for companies and business organizations worldwide. Initially, these seals served as an important form of legal documentation or they were used to legitimize the execution of documents. In other words, corporate seals were the tools used to emboss or imprint the information about the organization or corporation onto official documents.

Corporate seals contained information including the legal name, the year and the state in which a corporation or company was formed, which further comes instrumental in identifying the legitimate aims of the corporate entity. Corporate seals now are more of vanity imprints and they serve very little legal purpose. However, its legal purpose has not vanished yet. They are still used in the corporate world as means for corporate branding or identification.

Corporate seals are available in many different types, rubber stamps and steel embossers being the most common forms. There are a number of craft shops or companies in the market that specialize in producing custom corporate seals for various businesses. Today, corporate seals help companies brand their corporate identities. Thus, incorporating innovative ideas you can get a custom corporate seal for your business. By creating a corporate seal you can give your business, especially a startup business a means to brand or identify itself in the marketplace.

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