Slim Address Stampers

June 22nd, 2009 | Rss Feed

Acorn Sales boasts a wide collection of innovative rubber address Stampers to help you through the whole process of stamping. If you are required to deal with piles of correspondence everyday, you probably know how tiresome is the task of writing your return address on each of them. Our Slim Address Stampers are the right choice to bring a change to that tiresome task.

The Stampers are great to add your stamp of approval or return address on your personal correspondence. With our functional Stampers, you can make impression after impression on a number of stationery, apart from your daily correspondence. They have enough space to include your name or your family’s name along with the postmark address. For business use, get one customized with your organization’s name and its postal address.

Acorn Sales’ Slim Address Stampers help you save lots of time, especially when you do not have self adhesive address labels. Whether you are required to send out loads of letters, thank you notes, greetings cards or invitations, you can not wrong with our slim Address Stampers!

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