Replace the Ink Pad for Easy Imprinting Jobs

October 13th, 2009 | Rss Feed

Self inking stamps have captured the entire market. People who were tired of inking the stamps with ink pads again and again are shifting to self ink stamps. These are easy to use and can also replace the ink pads for making an impression on many documents. These are not only in use for official purposes but also for the notary department.

The main reason of using these self inking stamps by a notary public is that they don’t require stamps to be inked again and again for stamping purposes. They have a very special mechanism in which the ink pad is already inbuilt in the stamp. When pressure is applied on the stamp, the depressed areas are inked with the ink pad installed in it thus leaving a fine impression on the paper. The stamp is rolled back to it original position after performing its job.

These stamps are also known as self inker and self ink stamps and are less expensive than pre inked stamps. The size of the stamp varies as per the requirement of the user but it is not available in sizes bigger than 1.5” x 3” and in case you specifically need a larger size then you have to look for some other option. These stamps are easily available from many online stores and will offer quality and variety to serve your different purposes.

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