Variety in Customizable Date Stamps

September 23rd, 2009 | Rss Feed

With the advancement in technology, there is an improvisation in every product that is available in the markets. Traditional date stamps used to have an additional kit consisting of ink pads. But, the procedure of carrying ink pads with date stamps was cumbersome. The traditional date stamps are being replaced by custom date stamps. This change has modified the usage of stamps. It has given the chance of creating customized date and text combinations.

The custom date stamps comprise of the stamp mount and ink pad characters. There are three types of custom date stamps. These are custom self-inking date stamps, custom magnetic and custom electronic date stamps. The custom self-inking date stamps are made up of plastics and metals. The ink pads are inbuilt in the date stamps which leave an impression only when pressed. These are replaceable ink pads which are covered by plastic covers. This plastic cover helps to prevent the ink from drying.
Custom magnetic stamps are the most popular variety of custom date stamps. They have plenty of ways of customizing the words together. Each set of  stamps contain magnetic stamps which is attached to the magnetic stamp base.

The last is the custom electronic date stamps which can customize the text with more ease. It also consists of different impressions with adjustable stamping force. The custom date stamps can be bought from any online stores which have products from renowned manufacturers.

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