Basic Requirements for Making Notary Public Stamps

October 8th, 2009 | Rss Feed

Clerical supplies like notary books, embossing seals and record books are specially meant for notaries to notarize legal documents.

A notary stamp is a notary public property and should be kept under the supervision of a notary. Mostly, a notary public seal has a rubber stamp that is affixed to the notarized paper documents in a photographically reproducible black ink.

A notary public stamp has full legal name of the notary, state, commission number and date of expiry of the commission. In some of the notary public stamps, a thin line about the county from where the notary is qualified is also present.

If you are a notary public and your official seal is either stolen, lost or is in control of another person, you must inform the Department of State or the Governor immediately. The person who illegally possesses the notary public official stamp will be punished under state laws.

Mostly, states don’t provide notary public stamps to notaries. They only issue notary commission certificates that are supposed to be taken to rubber stamp company as proof of commission. The seller can make a notary public stamp after seeing the certificate.

If you want to get a notary stamp, check with the bonding company that makes the stamp. After this, you should get the certificate from the Department of State of the Governor that permits you to make a notary public stamp on your name. There are various patterns of making notary stamp or seal, which can be altered as per your demand. You can buy the notary public stamps online as there are many manufacturers who provide special notary making services to customers.

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