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Stamp Ink – What do you think about?

If you are not thinking about stamp ink, you should. Choosing the wrong type of ink can cause the stamped image to smear or in some cases ruin your stamp. Oh no, how would you know what you need to use? There are lots of different types of ink some work well with certain stamps and others do not. We have been making stamps at Acorn Sales for over 50 years and have been providing advice on ink for that long as well. 

Regular Rubber Stamp Ink is the type of ink most consumers use and need. It is a water soluble ink that makes smart, clear impressions which can dry very fast, depending on the absorbency of the material being printed. It is best used is with M-Series, Maxum and Trodat stamps, Self-inking Date Stamps or a cloth covered felt pad. This ink meets U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for use on food packaging, other surfaces include paper, corrugated, Kraft paper, clay coated paper and labels. 

Do not use regular stamp ink in a pre-inked stamp, this is ink is not designed for those type of stamps. Using rubber stamp ink in a pre-inked stamp can ruin or lessen the life of the stamp. Also,  if you are planning on stamping on any type of surface that has a glossy or coated surface you will want to choose another type of ink. Regular rubber stamp ink is best used on paper. 

Acorn Pre-Inked Ink is formulated for use in the MaxLight and Slim Stamps. These stamps require this type of ink so that they will not clog or damage the pre-ink working parts. If you have an Xstamper, you will need special Xstamper ink. The wrong kind of ink could damage the Xstamper. The Xstamper’s dyestuff ink is ideal for paper because it spreads into the paper and air-dries quickly. The Xstamper produces less desirable results on surface-treated paper such as photo or parchment, because the coating retards ink absorption.

If you have a numbering machine, then ACORN Numbering Machine Ink is what you are looking for. Numbering machine stamp ink is a waterproof ink made with mineral and vegetable oils that adheres to any porous surface, including paper, corrugated, cloth, etc. Designed not to clog the mechanism during use, this ink has its best application for numbering and dating machines with metal dies only. 

Acorn Indexing Ink is an excellent all-purpose, waterproof ink that adheres to resin coated photographic paper, Mylar, or chrome coated labels. It meets the U.S. Department of Agriculture guidelines for use on food packaging and conforms to relative government specifications. The suggested application of Indexing Ink is with the use of a cloth covered felt pad. It dries very quickly so we suggest keeping the ink pad in sealed ziploc type bag and the are best used with regular rubber stamps rather than a self-inking stamp. 

We also carry Invisible Ink which is waterproof and is most commonly applied to the skin for identification purposes large events. With an instant drying time, this ink remains on the skin for approximately 24 hours. 

There are a lot of ink choices and we want to make sure you are choosing the right type of ink and stamp for your project. Please give us a call or send us an email so we can chat about how you will be using your stamp and stamp ink.