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Soft Seal Embosser Video

The Soft Seal Embosser is great for those on the go, who want a little extra help to make a quality impression. It features a rubberized grip on the handle to make it easier to emboss each time. Our soft seal embossers can be created to be used as notary seals, professional seals or your custom artwork/logo can be added.

The inserts for the soft seal embosser come in 1-5/8" diameter, 2" diameter, which is on a larger handle, and 1 x 2. It is wonderful for those that want the ease of portability, with a little extra help to make a quality impression every time. It also has a side lock, to make it easier to lock and unlock. 

If you have hand strength issues or simply will be doing lots of embossing work, then you might want to consider the soft seal embosser. The soft seal embosser will make it easier to grip and help get a better impression. 

If you need more leverage, we also make desk seals and other heavy duty long reach seals.  Also, if you do not need to use your embosser often you can also choose a regular pocket seal. We are always happy to chat with you about the type of embossing work that you plan on doing and which embosser will best fit your needs.