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Shining a Light on Lamplighter Roasting Company

We are happy to announce that local Richmond company, Lamplighter Roasting Company is our November 2015 Customer of the Month.

Lamplighter Roasting Company


Lamplighter 1

Lamplighter Roasting Company was founded in 2009 by Zach and Noelle Archibald and Jenn Rawlings. The goal for their coffee program is to introduce Richmond to new coffee tasting experiences and to showcase the quality that only meticulous by-hand processing can produce.

First, they make sure that they source coffees that are grown and processed ethically. They make sure the coffees they feature are this way because they advocate highly for environmental stewardship and fair trade. Next, their coffee is roasted in small batches and they make sure that their baristas carefully craft the cappuccinos and pour overs. At the end, Lamplighter employees hand-stamp the type of coffee and the date it was roasted on each of their packages. That way their customers know of the intention behind everything they do.

Please check out LAMPLIGHTERCOFFEE.COM for their full story.