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Shining a Light on Kiewit Engineers

Acorn works with individuals, small businesses and large organizations. We wanted to take a moment to showcase one of our customers, Kiewit Infrastructure Engineers. Below is some information about Kiewit and a testimonial.

Kiewit Infrastructure Engineers (KIE) is a District under the Kiewit Corporation that is well known for the work they do in Engineering.  Kiewit Infrastructure Engineers has 52 licensed Professional Engineers who hold a total of 203 Professional Engineering licenses in 35 different US States, and 6 Canadian Provinces.

Cindy’s Experience with Acorn


free dxf seal

All of these licenses require an Engineering stamp so the Engineer on project can stamp the drawings for that project.  I order all of my Engineering Stamps from Acorn Sales Company.

I have been using Acorn Sales Co. for at least 5 years. It’s nice to know that when I send in a request I don’t have to worry about sending an example of what the stamp needs to look like or what the state requirements are for the PE stamp because they are on top of all the state requirements and changes.

Every state has a different look and different size requirements for their stamps. Acorn is very good to send me a quick email if something doesn’t look right before it even gets to production. I appreciate everything that Acorn has done to help KIE.

Cindy Fast

Kiewit Engineering