Purpose of Corporate seals

November 11th, 2009 | Rss Feed

A corporate seal is generally used by the companies to imprint documents and official papers. They are also referred to as company seals or common seals. Traditionally, they were used by the law companies to validate and authenticate various documents of other companies. It used to give a legal significance to those documents. Now-a-days, corporate entities are using them for fulfilling two main purposes. One is to certify the documents as deeds and the second is to issue stock certificates to its stock holders.

These corporate seals contain various details like the legal name of the company, the year of establishment and the name of the state in which it exists. They are mostly used to imprint the seal of the company on the documents. It also comes of aid in case you wish to notarize documents like a mortgage, transfer of property, business loan, etc. They actually enhance the image of the corporate and also represent the company’s identity and brand.

Corporate seals come in beautiful and appealing designs and colors. There is a huge variety of corporate seals available in the market like corporate hand-held seal and desk seal. The gold colored seals along with the black and chrome colored seals can also be used as gifts for people that are known to you. These seals can be easily bought from various online stores that offer them at the best prices for your convenience.

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