Importance of Seals for Security Reasons

October 27th, 2009 | Rss Feed

People have changed their lifestyle with the changing time and technology. There are certain things which are still the same and perform the same job as they used to perform earlier. The reason is that because of their importance they couldn’t be replaced with new technology. They are none other than the wax seals. In older days, they were used to seal letters and envelopes but now they are used to secure important documents.

They are also used in securing the important notarized documents which hold a lot of importance in front of the court. The documents are secured by putting a wax seal which helps in securing them from fraudulent cases. The preference of using wax seals on the documents is that they are such a substance which takes very less time to thicken over the paper, ribbons or on any other material. Therefore, it becomes very difficult to separate from them the material and they act as a seal of security for the documents.

These seals are available in different colors like yellow, green, blue, black and golden. Many online stores have a variety of seals in different forms and designs which are also customized to serve different official work.  With the invention of the postal system, the usage of such seals was reduced but with the high risk of frauds and thefts, it has again won the hearts of many people by making it an essential product for offices.

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