Essentials of Notary Public Seals

October 6th, 2009 | Rss Feed

A notary public officer is authorized to use notary public seals to authenticate documents. It is essential to establish the proof of identity of both the parties and also to declare that both the parties are genuine and ready to enter into an agreement. There are many types of seals available for different purposes and these are manufactured by a person who is authorized to sell and replace the old seals.

The notary public seals include embossers and stamps. The manufactures of these seals can get the grant of selling or replacing old seals by completing and submitting an application to the Secretary of State alongwith a nominal fee. The most important thing which needs to be kept in mind is that the manufacturer produces the desired seal only after the sanctioning of the certificate of authorization by the Secretary of the State.
The seals contain certain information which is relevant to be embossed on it. The information consists of the name of the notary public, name of the state, the name of the country issuing the certificate of authorization, expiration date, commission number and the manufacturer’s identification number.

Basically, notary seals are available in circular and rectangular shapes with an edged border. Both the shapes have specified sizes which are strictly followed in the making of the seal. These seals are generally available in gold, red, silver and black colors but can be made available in other colors on request. Many craft stores stock notary seals in various colors and these can be extensively used in different official purposes.

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