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Regulations for Connecticut PE Seal Embossers

In Connecticut, every professional engineer is required to have a Connecticut PE seal embosser or rubber stamp, which is acquired at the engineer’s expense. The seal needs to conform fully to every rule and regulation that is set out by the licensing board in the state of Connecticut.


The Requirements

The seal must be 1 ½ inches in diameter. A rubber stamp that is of the exact same design and size as the Connecticut PE seal embosser will also suffice. If you are licensed as a land surveyor as well as a professional engineer, you must have separate seals for each license.

Using the Seal

The regulations for Connecticut PE Seal Embossers require that you apply your seal to each and every map, drawing, plan, survey, sketch, specification or other documents that pertain to any project that you, as a licensee, submit to your client. If documents are bound together, then you need only apply the seal to a single sheet, unless you are submitting plans for building permits along with appurtenant structures. In that case, you must apply the seal to each individual sheet.

You must not affix your seal to any map, plan, sketch, drawing, survey, specification or any other document that you have not prepared personally, or that has not been prepared under your direct supervisory control.


You may, however, sign and seal documents that you did not prepare, or that were not prepared under your supervision provided that you retain, for a minimum of six years, a comprehensive evaluation, in writing, of the professional services that are represented in the documents. This includes, but is not limited to, specifications, drawings, reports, calculations, designs, and references to the standards and codes that apply to the project. This evaluation must provide clear identification of the project and any documents that relate to it, the date on which the evaluation was done, and your seal and signature. It must also include the name of the organization or individual for whom you did the evaluation.

If you are also operating as a land surveyor, you must also provide a written statement to the effect that any map or survey that bears your signature and seal is substantially correct in accordance with the degree of accuracy thereon. Accuracy is classified in accordance with the recommended code of practice for accuracy regarding maps and surveys as approved by the board.

Your Responsibility as the Holder of a Seal

As the holder of an official seal and/or a stamp, you are responsible for its use. If you should happen to lose your Connecticut PE seal embosser or rubber stamp, you must immediately report that loss to the Department of Consumer Protection and the Board of Examiners. Preferably you will do so immediately, but you absolutely have to do it no later than fifteen days after you discover the loss, or you could be subjected to disciplinary action.

To have a lost seal or stamp replaced, you will need to submit a petition to have a new license issued along with the loss report. If anyone misuses the lost stamp or seal, you will be responsible for that misuse up until the time when you report the loss.

Products Available

Acorn Sales Company Incorporated has all the products you need to be compliant with the regulations for the use of seals and rubber stamps for engineers in the state of Connecticut, including:

  • Desk seal embosser
  • Long reach seal embosser
  • Soft seal embosser
  • Any rubber stamp or embossing seal
  • Self-inking stamp
  • Slim pre-inked stamp
  • MaxLight pre-inked stamp
  • Regular hand rubber stamp

You can find more information at the Connecticut Department of Consumer Protection website.