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Custom Date Stamps

If you are looking for customized, regular rubber date stamps which will require a separate ink pad, we offer a variety to choose from. Custom date stamps are great for when to you need to stamp the date on several documents. The date bands on most of these stamps are good for more than 5 years so they can last a long time. There are several different types date stamps and if you are not familiar with "stamp" lingo it might be confusing as to which stamp will work best for you. Please take a moment to read over all of the differences between all of these regular date stamps.

The Best Date Stamps For You

First, you can choose from the time and date stamps. These stamps come in a variety of sizes, both 1-1/2 inches to 2 inch diameters. They feature, on the outer dial, anyone from a 31-day marking to a 12-hour feature. They have additional room if you wanted to customize the stamp, putting your company information on the stamp wording like paid, received, faxed, for example. These time and date stamps are great if you want to mark both time and date.

You can also choose a local style dater. These local style daters have a bar on the side of the stamp to be able to be customized, so you can put initials, faxed, received, or a short message on this bar, and then be able to have the month band, the date band, and the year bands for your particular use. We also offer double date stamps which are perfect if you are using a coupon book or any other project where you need to be able to stamp once with two dates. There is also room for a die plate to be able to customize your message.

If you need to put two messages on your date stamp, then the double bridge dater might be the perfect choice for your project. Of course, if you only have one message we also offer a single bridge dater which works in the same manner, but only has the one bridge.

What is a Line Date Stamp?

We also carry a variety of line date stamps. Line date stamps feature the month, the date, and the year, with various band sizes to choose from. They come in very small bands and very large bands depending on how you're going to use them..

Line Date Stamp (Date Only Stamp) - Speedy and convenient!

Local Date Stamp (MLD2) - Great for packaging products that require expiration dates.

PSI300 Self-Inking Date StampLasts up to 5,000 - 10,000 impressions before re-inking!

If you need a date stamp that is self-inking we also offer several self-inking and pre-inked date stamps. One the questions you need to ask yourself is what are you stamping on that will help determine whether a self inking stamp or regular rubber stamp will best suit your needs. If you're unsure which date stamp will work best for you, just give us a call or send us an email, and we'll make sure that we find the perfect date stamp for you.