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Putting Your New Hampshire Notary Supplies to Use

Being a notary in New Hampshire isn’t the hardest job in the world. In fact, to the outside observer, it probably looks downright simple. For the most part, you’re simply issued New Hampshire notary supplies and then you witness someone sign a document. Although this is all it appears you’re doing, being a notary is actually a huge responsibility. The practice originated centuries ago when someone was needed to confirm a signature was legitimate. Today, notaries are just as vital for doing so. While anyone can be issued New Hampshire notary supplies, only you can ensure they’re used in good faith.

Requirements to Be a Notary in New Hampshire

Before you can start using New Hampshire notary supplies, you must apply for the position and, eventually, get appointed by the secretary of state. Fortunately, the application process is fairly simple.

To apply, you have to be a resident of New Hampshire and at least 18 years of age. You also can’t have a conviction on your record other than a minor traffic violation. In New Hampshire, you actually have to supply a handwritten letter swearing to the effect.

You also can’t hand in your application until two notaries public and someone who is a registered voter in New Hampshire endorse it and, by proxy, your candidacy for appointment.

Finally, you have to complete a State Policies Record form and pay $75. If you are approved, not only will you receive your New Hampshire notary supplies, but you’ll also receive a five-year commission.

Your New Hampshire Notary Supplies

Of course, without your New Hampshire notary supplies, you won’t be executing much of anything. You do have some flexibility though. Your New Hampshire notary supplies can include an embossing seal or an ink stamp. However, both must abide by certain rules.

Let’s take a look at the embossing seal first. If you choose to include this in your New Hampshire notary supplies, it must have your full name across the top and “New Hampshire” going across the bottom. Both lines will fall in between the two circles on the seal. In the middle, it will read, “Notary Public.” The seal itself is generally 1-5/8".

Otherwise, you can include an ink stamp in your collection of New Hampshire notary supplies. Being a stamp, you’ll obviously need ink as well. That being said, the laws regarding your New Hampshire notary supplies don’t stipulate a specific kind that must be used. Some states demand that you use black or blue, for example. Obviously, this still makes the most sense. That’s because your stamp has to show up if the document it’s on gets photographed.

Your stamp has to include the date that your appointment expires. As it’s a permanent fixture of the stamp, you’ll have to have it replaced when your expiration date comes. There is no other way to modify the date.

The stamp itself has a pretty basic design. At the top, it has to say, “State of New Hampshire” with “Notary Public” below it. The third line is where your full name belongs, printed just as it shows up on your application and license.

The last line is for your expiration date. If you want, your stamp can also include your commission number just above it.

Using Your New Hampshire Notary Supplies

Your New Hampshire notary supplies can be used for all kinds of things, but as we covered above, the general idea is that you’re confirming someone signing a document is who they say they are. Therefore, you’re also verifying that you saw the person provide the signature.

Keep in mind that having New Hampshire notary supplies in no way obligates you to use them. In fact, this is a major part of your job. If you think someone is trying to take part in fraud or is otherwise not of sound mind, it’s your responsibility not to provide your seal.

Although there really isn’t much to the New Hampshire notary supplies, you’re being entrusted to use them for a very important purpose.