Advancement in Techniques of Notary Supplies

November 3rd, 2009 | Rss Feed

With the increase in fraudulent cases of important legal documents, it has become necessary to notarize the documents. In older days, only notary stamps were used for notarizing the papers.  The technique involved for imprinting them was very easy. When the stamp was pressed hard against the paper, an impression was made over the paper. Unfortunately, it couldn’t serve the purpose well as the impression could easily be copied with a photocopier and was then used for making fraudulent cases.

To reduce such unfair practices, there was a need to use a new technique which can overcome this problem. Therefore, the notary stamps which are used today as raised seals and cannot be copied in any manner were invented. It is serving the purpose well by making the documents secure. With the advancement in new technology, there are new and improved stamps available in the market which has made the work quick and simple.

With the change in time, there are new techniques available which don’t require you to go to the notary public. It has been made possible by using electronic stamps which can witness and certify the document through the Internet. The notary public can use an electronic notary signature that has been legally approved by the concerned state. The electronic signatures are used by installing software that is approved and certified by the state. It is not a very popular means of notarizing the documents and is also not approved in every state. Many online stores have different notary seals and stamps that are available with different ink colors.

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