Advancement in Notary supplies

October 7th, 2009 | Rss Feed

There has been an advancement in professional and personal supplies. The notary supplies have not lagged behind and have been updated from the mere looks to being functional. Earlier, it used to look like staplers but the working was a lot different from staplers. The earlier notary stamps used to leave an embossed impression on the document when pressed on the paper. This was the only notary stamp which was accepted by the court at that time.

The only disadvantage of these seals were that it could be copied very easily through a photocopier. Therefore alternatives were developed to serve the purpose of notarizing the documents.  Rubber stamps were introduced in the list of notary supplies to serve the same purpose of the notary seals. These rubber stamps contained the same relevant information such as seal of the state, notary’s name, commission number and the expiry date.

With the advent of computers, documents which were available on the Internet were notarized with an electronic notary signature. The electronic way of notarizing the documents is a software which made the work easy and convenient for the notary public. This system is not available in every state and therefore requires the notary products kits which are available easily in online stores. These online stores have different kits which generally includes the embossing stamp, round stickers, self-inking rubber stamp and inkless thumbprint pads.

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