Using the Notary Seal in the Right Way

October 8th, 2009 | Rss Feed

A notary seal is meant only for legal papers and financial records. Although, the use of notary seals differ from state to state but their main purpose is always the same. A notary seals protects against fraud, therefore it is important that the stamp should be used correctly. Here are the things you must know about notary stamps:

  • A notary public stamp must be placed properly. Some states are very particular about the embossed stamps and other notary stamps. Therefore, the notary should be aware of the requirements of the particular state.
  • A commissioned notary public is the only person with the authority of using notary seal. He is trained according to his jurisdiction. Therefore, you should go to a notary from your local area to legalize the document.
  • The notary seal should be affixed with a certificate and it should not be on a separate page. In case there is no space to make the impression, the notary should attach a separate certificate to make it legal. The notary seal should be placed underneath the certificate and must have commissioned signature.
  • The validity of the seal might be questioned if it is covered with type or writing. It should be clearly visible and should not have any scratch.
  • When you are placing the notary seal, keep your hand steady and press it firmly. The ink should be dark and clearly indented to make a visible seal. You cannot overdo the process, therefore, one must be careful.
  • The notary stamps can be purchased from online stores . You can ask the manufacturer to make a standard seal or a customized one as per the state requirements.

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