New trend of Mobile Notary Services

October 7th, 2009 | Rss Feed

The traditional way of notarizing legal documents was to take them to the notary public who used to witness it thoroughly before signing the papers along with applying his seal. With the change in time and technology, every utility item is changing and being customized as per the convenience of users.

The new concept of a mobile notary has revolutionized the era of notarizing documents. This concept has been specially developed for people with a busy schedule. They have taken away the need to go to the notary’s bureau to legalize the documents. The most important fact is that the services offered by the mobile notary are not expensive but only includes the traveling charges of the notary along with a nominal fee for notarizing the papers.

There are different notary products available in the market for this purpose. The notary products include notary signs, seals and stamps which are available in different sizes, shapes and colors. The mobile notary public also has to take the same approval from the Secretary of the State before commissioning the duties of a notary officer.

It is a regular time job which requires full time service from the notary and he has to be available on time with the specified documents. They have certain responsibilities which need to be taken care off in order to stay away from legal implications.

Many online stores have such notary products which are produced by the authorized manufactures on the presentation of the certificate of approval from the Secretary of the State.

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