Mobile Service by Notary Public Officers

October 7th, 2009 | Rss Feed

There are many benefits of using mobile notary services. The first benefit is that it saves our own traveling time and you can call the notary public officer at your office at anytime as per your convenience. This is preferably suitable for those who have tight schedule and can not devote time in going to the bureau office of the notary.

The mobile notary public officer should be verified before giving him/her the charge to notarize your documents. You should ensure that the notary is hired from a known database as this will confirm if the notary officer is certified to perform the job or not.
The services provided by the mobile notary officer is exactly the same but the charges are a little more than the normal fee due to the traveling expenses. The role of the mobile notary is to witness and then sign the official document to establish its identity in the court. They use the same type of notary seals and stamps required to notarize the papers with his signatures.

The seal must contain the name of the notary officer with the seal of the state, the commission number of the notary and the expiry date of the notary. Many online stores have notary products which are available in different shapes and sizes suiting the requirement of the notary public officer.

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