Latest Technology in Notary Stamps

October 8th, 2009 | Rss Feed

Earlier, the only authorized notary stamps available in market looked like staplers. When the stamp was pressed hard, its two parts left an impression on the paper document. The main motive behind this technique was to prevent the 3D seal to be illegally copied with a photocopy machine.

With the advent of newer technology, many substitutes have overshadowed the notary public stamp market but the older version is still authorized. Here are some of the alternatives:

Electronic Stamp

These days, if you want the paper document to be witnesses and authenticated on the Internet, electronic stamps are an option. These papers can be legally notarized by using an electronic notary signature. This is a particular software that is accepted by the state for all the notary public who are trained and certified. Although, electronic notarization procedures are still not recognized and they cannot be used in each & every state.

Rubber Stamp

Rubber stamps are authorized as notary stamps. There are stamps that are supposed to be inked by pressing on to an ink pad while others are self inking. Such rubber stamps make an ink impression of the state seal along with an impression of the notary’s name, his commission figures and expiry date of the commission.

If you are notary public and are looking for a company that could make notary stamp for you, looking for online stores is a good option. You will get an idea of the current trends and can customize the make as per your requirement.

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