Establish Proof of Identity by Notary Seals

October 8th, 2009 | Rss Feed

There is a need to establish the proof of identity of official documents such as affidavits, acknowledgments, mortgage papers, etc. The application of notary seals on such documents are a must to prove their genuineness. Notary seals are usually applied on identification cards or birth certificates to make the documents authentic and genuine.

The notary seals are unique and exclusive as it is customized as per the need of the notary. The seals are capable of verification and only the person whose name is engraved can use it alongwith his signatures to legalize the documents. The notary public officer has a responsibility to properly check the authenticity of the papers and then notarize them by signing it alongwith the embossed seal.

If there are chances that the documents are not in accordance with the law and it has been signed by the notary public, then there is a chance that the notary public will be held responsible for not witnessing it properly and can get caught in the clutches of legal implications.

The seal is important for official documents that have to be sent to other states to make it a credible source but the act can be valid if the notary’s official title has been affixed on the document without the seal. Many online stores have made available the notary packages to make it convenient for notary publics as they contain different colors with different stamps and seals.

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