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Make Sure Your Minnesota Land Surveyor Stamp Meets All Requirements

Like other states, the Minnesota land surveyor stamp must meet stringent requirements in order for it to be considered valid. However, Minnesota’s requirements are much different than those that are common in other states. Keep reading to find out how your stamp needs to look and the lawful ways in which it should be used.


Minnesota Land Surveyor Stamp Appearance

One of the most significant differences between Minnesota land surveyor stamps and the ones required in other states is the shape. While there is a setup available that is round, it is rarely used. Instead, Minnesota uses a square seal that includes only required information. The Minnesota land surveyor stamp must include the statement:

“I hereby certify that this survey, plan or report was prepared by me or under my direct supervision and that I am a duly Licensed Land Surveyor under the laws of the State of Minnesota.”

Below this statement, there is a line labeled “Print Name”. Below it is the signature line, which is followed by a line for the date. The license number is also included on the same line as the date on the most common Minnesota land surveyor stamp.

The rarely used round Minnesota land surveyor embossing seal follows the requirements in other states. The seal on this Minnesota land surveyor stamp is made up of two circles, with the larger one making up the outline for the stamp. Inside this circle is a smaller one, which contains the most important information. There is a space between the circles, which must include the licensee’s name along the top and “State of Minnesota” along the bottom. In the center of the smaller circle, the words “Licensed Land Surveyor” takes up three lines, followed by the license number on the fourth line.


Usage Regulations

There are several regulations governing the use of a Minnesota land surveyor stamp. It is important that you follow these regulations to ensure you remain in compliance and avoid being penalized or fined.

The Minnesota land surveyor seal must be included on surveys, reports and plans that you prepare. You are also permitted to use it on these types of documents that are prepared by employees that you directly supervise.

It is important that you remember that applying your Minnesota land surveyor stamp is a certification that the information contained in the pages is accurate and correct. Your seal signifies that you accept responsibility for the information. Additionally, your Minnesota land surveyor stamp also makes you liable for the information, which means you become responsible for any damages or other problems that arise from it.

As you can see, there are a number of rules and regulations concerning the use of your Minnesota land surveyor stamp. Making sure you understand them will protect your licensing and your surveying career.