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Make Sure Your Delaware Land Surveyor Stamp Meets All Requirements

If you are a licensed professional land surveyor in Delaware, there are many rules and requirements that come with the designation. One of the most important of these is obtaining and using a Delaware land surveyor stamp. As the use of this type of seal is highly regulated, you need to make sure you understand as much as possible about it to ensure proper compliance.


What Is a Delaware Land Surveyor Stamp?

A Delaware land surveyor stamp is a seal that must be used on all plats, reports, specifications, drawings and other documents. Each time you use your seal, you are asserting that the documents meet the minimum requirements that are listed in the Standards for Land Surveyors. The Delaware land surveyor stamp also denotes that you were responsible for creating the documents, or you directly supervised those involved in creating them, and that you are verifying the accuracy of the information.

Seal Requirements

Delaware land surveyor stamps must meet specific guidelines in order for it to be considered valid. The stamp must have a diameter of 1 ½”. The seal is made up of two concentric circles with information placed in designated areas. The larger outer circle makes up the edge of the seal and surrounds all information contained on it. The inner circle is separated from the larger one by a space that must include the surveyor’s name across the arc at the top, along with the designation “Professional Land Surveyor” along the bottom arc. Inside the inner circle of the Delaware land surveyor stamp, the word “Registered” appears at the top with “Delaware” at the bottom. Centered in the remaining space, the prefix “No.” is followed by the license number.

Using a Delaware Seal

There are also regulations that must be followed when using a Delaware land surveyor stamp. This state requires an embossing seal that results in a raised seal on the pages, as well as a rubber stamp. If the embossing stamp can’t be used, surveyors are required to use a rubber stamp and red ink. Each time the seal is used, it must be accompanied by the licensee’s signature and the date.

A Delaware land surveyor stamp can also be used electronically if used with an accepted digital signature. If stamped documents are sent electronically, the seal must be removed. Additionally, the documents will need an explanation that the original documents included the seal, signature and date, and that they may be scanned or photocopied. Surveyors must keep the original documents containing the Delaware land surveyor stamp on file.

If you have any additional questions concerning your Delaware land surveyor stamp, make sure to visit the Land Surveyor Licensure page on the State of Delaware website. You will also find a wealth of additional information concerning your requirements as a registered land surveyor.