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Look Over Your Washington Land Surveyor Seal

Becoming a professional surveyor in Washington takes a number of steps. Obviously, you need to be educated in how to survey land. You’re also going to need some business acumen, whether you decide to go into business for yourself or hire on employees. Then there’s the business plan and marketing to think about too.

One thing a lot of people in your shoes don’t give much thought to is the Washington land surveyor seal you need to operate. You can’t blame them. It looks nice, but it’s hardly as concerning as buying the right tools and finding customers.

However, if you don’t look over your Washington land surveyor seal and make sure it falls into compliance with the law, you’re going to end up with a lot of unnecessary problems down the line.


The Dimensions of the Washington Land Surveyor Seal

The Washington land surveyor seal is somewhat rare in that it’s not a circle like so many others around the country. Instead, it’s a square. In order to be legal, your seal has to be 2.0” on all four sides.

This may not seem like the most important feature of a seal, but it’s certainly a prominent one. Somebody who knows what the Washington land surveyor seal looks like will immediately be thrown off by the wrong size.

The Appearance of the Washington Land Surveyor Seal

As we mentioned above, the Washington land surveyor seal has a square shape to it. The perimeter has a braided design. Inside that seal, there’s a circle that should have your name running across the top just as it appeared on your application. Across the bottom, you should read, “Professional Land Surveyor.”

Then, there is a circle outlined in dots inside that larger circle. “State of Washington” is going across the top of that one with a portrait of George Washington below it. Right where the portrait stops, your license number will appear.

Finally, below all of this, but still inside that inner circle, the word “Registered” will appear.

Although this is a more intricate stamp than most, it should still only take a minute or so to go over yours and look for any discrepancies before putting it to use.