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Learn About Your Mandatory South Carolina Notary Supplies

In some areas, a notary serves a term of just a few years and is authorized to perform a very limited range of what are commonly described as notarial acts. In South Carolina, though, the list of authorized duties is extensive, the term quite long, and the list of required South Carolina notary supplies somewhat specific.

To begin with, a notary has to be sure that they meet the state's qualifications before they can even apply for a commission. If they do qualify, they can head to the secretary of state's website to obtain the proper application, learn about the fees, and discover what sort of South Carolina notary supplies may be required.


Unlike many states, though, among the fundamental South Carolina notary supplies you will not find items such as record books or surety bonds. We'll look at record books a bit later, but address the issue of a bond now. This is a form of legal protection and though many states demand that such a bond is in place before even considering an application, it is not required at all in South Carolina.

One thing that does appear in the mandatory South Carolina notary supplies is the official notary seal. Additionally, the terminology required on the seal is also very specific and the following criteria apply:

  • You may use a rubber ink stamp or an embosser
  • The rubber stamp may be round or rectangular though no size requirements are established
  • If using an embosser, it is to be circular
  • Any seal must feature the name of the notary as commissioned by the state
  • The title is to be written as "Notary Public"
  • The name of the state must appear and is to be written as "South Carolina"
  • The current expiration date of the notary's commission can appear on the seal too

Interestingly enough, the state's guidelines do say that there must be a seal among your South Carolina notary supplies. However, in the absence of the seal, the notarial act is not deemed invalid if the notary does write out the information below their signature. This would require the proper information in the proper order, but can work if you neglect to bring a seal to the place where you conduct the notarial act.


Earlier we mentioned the use of journals and/or record books, and South Carolina does not mandate that a notary keep one among their South Carolina notary supplies. However, although the journal or record book is not mandatory among your South Carolina notary supplies, the state strongly recommends the maintenance of one as well. Indicating that it is a prudent practice in the event you are called to testify to past notarizations. (Notary Manual)

This makes more sense when you learn the different authorized duties that any notary may be called upon to perform. These include:

  • Solemnizing marriages
  • Executing protests
  • Taking acknowledgements
  • Executing verifications of proof
  • Administering oaths
  • Executing signature witnessing
  • Administering affirmations
  • Executing attestations and jurats

Obviously, this list demonstrates a tremendous amount of responsibility for the notary, and makes it obvious just why the best South Carolina notary supplies would be of such value. Using a high quality seal would indicate professionalism, and that is why you will want to obtain all South Carolina notary supplies from trusted providers. Keep in mind that the length of a term is a decade (10 years), and this means that any of your South Carolina notary supplies, including the seal and the ledger, will have to be able to perform properly throughout that extensive period.

Because your seal has to be clear and legible, you will want to obtain it from a vendor of South Carolina notary supplies known for making suitable seals, stamps, and embossers. Don't ignore this same vendor when other South Carolina notary supplies are required, including items such as record books, ink pads, and more.

Your seal is just one element of your professional reputation, but it does pay to consider the overall quality of your essential South Carolina notary supplies. Ensuring that they perform properly over the 10 years of each term is important, and a good reason to find reputable vendors of South Carolina notary supplies even as you are just applying for your first commission.