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Learn About the Required Tennessee Notary Supplies

What kinds of Tennessee notary supplies will you need in order to perform the authorized duties of your office? If you look at the entire matter from start to finish, your list of essential Tennessee notary supplies has to begin with something as basic as the qualifications you must meet before applying. From there, you must consider the application process and the Tennessee notary supplies that this might demand.

Currently, you are not obliged to count formal training and a passing exam grade as part of your initial Tennessee notary supplies, but you do have to have a surety or notary bond along with your application and related fees. A surety bond in the amount of $10k is mandatory before your application will be considered, and you can discover more about this by visiting the secretary of state's website.

Once you have submitted the proper records and documents, which include the oath of office, you will receive your commission. Appointed by the governor, it is going to last for four years before you will have to renew it. However, it is important to remember that the state no longer views their notaries as working "at large" and so you will tend to remain focused on one county.

This is important when putting together your Tennessee notary supplies because the most important item among them - your notary seal - has to reflect your county of origin.

Learn About Your Most Important Tennessee Notary Supplies

Among the most important of your Tennessee notary supplies is the official notary seal. It must adhere to the state's very specific guidelines, and these include that:

  • It must be an ink stamp
  • It has to print in any color OTHER THAN yellow or black
  • It has to appear as black when it is photocopied
  • It can be rectangular or circular, and there are no size guidelines provided (the typical sizes are rectangles no larger than 1" x 3.5" and circles with a diameter of no larger than 2.5")
  • The seal has to display the name of the notary as commissioned, your title written as "Notary Public", the county written as "County, Tennessee", and the date that your commission expires

In addition to your seal, you are also required to keep an official record book among your Tennessee notary supplies, and to use it to document every notarial act you perform during your current commission. Remember that your term of office lasts for four years, and so it may be wise to keep individual journals in your Tennessee notary supplies per each four-year term.

Though the notaries in Tennessee do not have the same extensive lists of authorized duties as notaries in some other states, you will still be doing such official actions as:

  • Taking depositions
  • Administering oaths
  • Taking acknowledgements
  • Administering affirmations
  • Taking proofs
  • Taking affidavits

Very serious matters, they require that you use only the finest and most professional Tennessee notary supplies. Because your seal is something that you must use, and because it will have to last for four years, it is important to acquire all of your Tennessee notary supplies from a firm that has a history in making these important devices. The stamp has to meet the design criteria, but it also has to print sharply and legibly for the full four years in which your term is active.

When it comes time to replace any of your Tennessee notary supplies because of changes in county or commission dates, you will want to know that you can trust the vendor who has provided you with your Tennessee notary supplies in the past. As a sign of your professionalism and commitment to doing the job properly, your choices in Tennessee notary supplies should be a reflection of your dedication to the job.

Though Tennessee only requires you to use an ink stamp seal, a record book and to maintain a notary bond, you will want to be certain that you have always made the best choices and investments. Take the time now, as you begin working as a notary, and trust only the most qualified and experienced providers to support your efforts.