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Inspecting Your Texas Land Surveyor Seal

When it comes to going into business for yourself, there’s a lot to remember. It’s not just about keeping your profits as high as possible; it’s about keeping the law off your back too. This is especially true when you get into as highly-a-regulated industry as surveying. You have to make sure you cover a number of bases before even starting on your first job.

One example of this is acquiring your Texas land surveyor seal. Without it, you’ll be considered working without a license and could face all kinds of legal ramifications. However, even if you have an official Texas land surveyor seal, until you can ensure it’s compliant, you’re still operating with unnecessary risks and that’s never a good idea for any business.

The Dimensions of the Texas Land Surveyor Seal

First, let’s begin with the dimensions of your Texas land surveyor seal. Whether you’re using the stamp or the seal, it has to be 1-3/4”in diameter. This might seem like a small matter, but it will be immediately noticeable to someone who knows what to look for and may want to invalidate your work for whatever reason.

How the Texas Land Surveyor Seal Is Supposed to Look

Second is the actual imagery that’s supposed to appear on every Texas land surveyor seal. Unlike a lot of other states, Texas actually has a fairly unique one, which is all the more reason to double-check yours to check for any issues.

For one thing, it’s an octagon, not a circle like most. Inside it is a dotted circle. Between that circle and the octagon’s perimeter, you should read, “State of Texas” going across at the top and “Land Surveyor” down at the bottom.

Inside that inner circle, “Registered” should be at the top with “Professional” at the bottom. Across the circle is a space for your full name, which must be entered in as it appeared on your application. Right above it needs to be a black star while just below it should be a license number.

Your Texas land surveyor seal needs to follow these qualifications—regardless of who issued it—or every time you use it, you’ll be getting yourself into potentially more trouble.